New work for Subaru: Make A Dog's Day

In the business they say you should never work with kids or animals. Well a quick perusal of my reel will reveal that I frequently work with kids and I have always enjoyed it. Thus far the only animals I've worked with have been pigeons in a video I did for Jack Links. When my friends and clients at Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis offered me the chance to make a campaign for Subaru featuring dogs, I jumped at it. 
We shot all four spots in one epic day. I worked with a three-legged cancer survivor, a very compliant Australian Shepherd, and a dozen rescue puppies. I really love dogs and it was great to finally get to work with some.
Here are the two spots that are currently out. I'll update once the rest get out the door.

See the spots after the jump.

"Belly Rub" for Subaru

"Rolling Happy" for Subaru