My favorite spot today: "Your Father" for Campbell's

If you follow me on twitter you may recall that I called out this spot a few days ago for being particularly great. It's not the most complexly shot spot I've ever seen. You could in fact call it spare. It's just four shots (and one is a prominent product shot) but that's all it needs to be. The spareness of the spot let's you absorb what's going on. 
Now I'm sure there are those out there who dismiss this spot as pandering to the PC crowd or one could cynically argue that Campbell's is courting controversy but the fact of the matter is that this spot reflects the world we live in. This isn't a spot about being gay, it's a spot about family. These are two men raising their son and obviously a family brand like Campbell's should embrace that. Five years from now I'll see a spot like this and think it's just OK and that's an awesome outcome.